The Not-So-Celebrated Milestones of Prince George’s 1st Year

3 days old:  The meconium incident at Chuck’s place.

1 month old:  Massive spit-up on 13th century Persian silk carpet.

3 months old:  Pees through replica christening gown on to Archbishop of Canterbury, forced to change into a replica of the replica.

5 months old:  Five teeth appear at the same time.  Parents cross themselves and feed him a cheeseburger.

6 months old:  Sits up by himself.  Uses paternal grandmother’s favorite spectator hat as Bumbo seat.

7 months old:  Learns to drink from a cup the night Harry babysits.  A stein actually.  Substance unclear.

8 months old:  Discovers how to army crawl when Pippa loses sight of him in the Hall of Armor.

11 months old:  First word is “YOLO” and not, as the magazines reported, “polo.”

12 months old:  Still learning to wave, but successfully flips Camilla the bird.

The Circumstance Of Pomp

A couple of days ago, my oldest son graduated from preschool. I enjoyed a lovely commencement speech and sang along with the kids, "My life is a circle!  A never-ending circle!"  It was a totally momentous way to recognize how far he's come in the 2125 days that he's been alive.  It seems like just the ...

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Cutting Teeth – A Giveaway!

I want to tell you about a book called "Cutting Teeth" by Julia Fierro. I met Julia a long, long time ago in New York City.  Brooklyn, I think.  A poetry reading.  Julia is the founder and director of The Sackett ...

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Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam!

You know what's on the menu today?  (putting on viking helmet) SPAM! My blog gets spam.  I'm not talking about that delicious canned precooked meat product, but spam comments.  By people who are not people, but something more special, more magical. Most spam goes into my spam folder, which currently holds a little over 16,000 spam comments ...

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The Business Trip

A couple of weeks ago, I went on a business trip. As a double entrepreneur (co-founder of family / brick-layer of words), there's nothing new about that.  I usually go on two business trips a year.  What's changed is the way I refer to them.  Before, I might have called them "Get me the fuck out ...

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Taking the Microphone

One Sunday afternoon last March, I drove into the city alone.  That sentence rings strange on so many levels, but when you factor in that I was also wearing make-up and nice clothes, I might as well have been Neil Armstrong headed to the moon. Which, in a way, I was. I had an appointment to audition ...

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A Mom’s Guide To Game of Thrones

It's not that I've been completely oblivious to the whole Game of Thrones phenomenon.  I did, after all, used to work for the same company that published George "Really Rad" Martin's books, and when the series came to HBO, I took note, mainly because people wouldn't shut up about it. I am deliberately slow to embrace ...

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