The Cliffs of Transition

Today is my younger son’s third birthday.

He is the king and I am the storyteller (and cook, feeder, bather, dresser).  I have endured one thousand and ninety five nights of mostly bad sleep and, like Scheherazade, just want to live another day.  My more elaborate survival plan involves the introduction to THE BIG BOY BED, which I believe will ultimately spare my life a second time, just as it did with his older brother.

The three year-old is not so much ‘in the crib’ as he is ‘in and out until he’s too tired to climb’ and what I’m trying to say is that the crib has run its course and with it, the nap.

We are at the Cliffs of Transition and just beyond is Buttercup.  I mean, sleep.

Before I can display my maternal chutzpah in a grand display of bluffing and conniving, I must first (as written in children mail-order catalog by-laws) contemplate new decor for my son’s new room.  For the second time in my life, I am about to enter the terrifying world of toddler duvets and canvas monogrammed bins.

Armed with a battalion of catalogs and a slew of websites, I discover the Colby Collection for the young airplane enthusiast!  The Dryden Collection for the miniature paleontologist!  And the Hunter Collection for the future mentally-unstable novelist who enjoys spending a night in the Overlook Hotel from The Shining!  Oh, the beauty of the Three-Cubed Cubby!  The magnanimous architecture of the Colton Dresser!  The allure of themes and colors and rugs and wall-hangings culminating in a mass explosion of credit card debt at the altar of toddler worship!  A shrine to my son and his ever-shifting interests and my supreme talent for pigeon-holing those interests into future careers!

New decor?  Contemplated.

Now that I’ve checked that off the list, I can go ahead and give the three year-old his big brother’s old bedroom: a comforter that has been – and will be again – sacrificed to the gods of urine stains, a dresser, a hamper.  I’m calling it The White-Collar Prison Collection, simple, contemporary, no hassle.

And it works well with the meal plan I’ve implemented.

I’m Surviving October So You Don’t Have To

EVERYONE!  RELAX! I WANT YOU TO ENJOY THE SHIT OUT OF OCTOBER! I want you to arrange gourds all over your house and make pumpkin muffins and go leaf-peeping and then collect all the red and gold leaves and make charcoal etchings to hang delicately in your foyer and sing "Five Little Pumpkins Sitting On A Gate!" ...

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$2.99 Could Purchase Your Sanity

There's not a heck of a lot you can buy for $2.99. I guess you could get a small latte.  Or go crazy in the dollar store.  You could ask Soul Cycle if you could do 13 minutes of a spin class.  Or you talk to your therapist for one minute. Or you could buy 42 stories. ...

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Naked and Afraid

One of my new favorite TV shows is "Naked and Afraid," the survival show where one man and one woman must survive in the wilderness without clothes, food or water for 21 days. I like it for a lot of reasons.  The interaction between the man and the woman is always entertaining, whether they become friends ...

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BlogHer: Why I Still Go

At the end of July, I attended my third BlogHer conference, the largest social media event for women (and a few brave men).  I had a fantastic time, learned a lot, and felt creatively invigorated. Which is funny because I hadn't planned on going. This year, I wanted to attend a literary workshop or something that would ...

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The Not-So-Celebrated Milestones of Prince George’s 1st Year

3 days old:  The meconium incident at Chuck's place. 1 month old:  Massive spit-up on 13th century Persian silk carpet. 3 months old:  Pees through replica christening gown on to Archbishop of Canterbury, forced to change into a replica of the replica. 5 months old:  Five teeth appear at the same time.  Parents cross themselves and feed him ...

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The Circumstance Of Pomp

A couple of days ago, my oldest son graduated from preschool. I enjoyed a lovely commencement speech and sang along with the kids, "My life is a circle!  A never-ending circle!"  It was a totally momentous way to recognize how far he's come in the 2125 days that he's been alive.  It seems like just the ...

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