Working Mothers and The Washington Post

While I consider myself a working mother, I am not a mother who works in an office.  Actually, I haven’t worked in an office in 9 years, so it has been almost a decade since:

1. I created an excel spreadsheet that wasn’t about summer camps.

2. I shopped at Banana Republic in the boxy suit section.

3. I sprinted like Usain Bolt to the company kitchen for the gold medal in Leftover Meeting Desserts.

Which brings me to a recent conversation that I had with three good friends – all working mothers, two of whom took several years off to raise their kids – about how the office changed while they were home changing diapers. This conversation was jaw-dropping for me. Not only was it shocking, but it filled me with a deep fear of being completely ignorant, of being left behind by this younger, more technologically-savvy generation.

Then, of course, I remembered the women with whom I was talking. Women who chose to stay home, raise their kids, and get back on the bus. It’s not about being left behind, it’s about choosing when and how to make your contribution. Just because you are not a 22-year old computer whiz wearing ear buds doesn’t mean you’re extinct – I promise.

I am so excited to tell you that everything I learned from this fascinating conversation is being published in The Washington Post today. Would you guys click on over HERE and tell me what you think? Did you take a few years off to raise babies and return to an office? What changed? I want to hear about it.

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