The Pu-Pu Platter

Like that mythic tray of assorted appetizers at a Chinese restaurant, I offer you the pu-pu platter of the week – a sampling of trivial occurences, deep ponderings, and some interesting stuff in the blogosphere :

1)  THE BOOB TUBE:  Last Thursday, I watched the episode of The Office where Jim and Pam have their baby.  My first thought was, wow, that hospital in Pennsylvania has the same baby blankets that ours did!  Hot damn!  Then I was stunned into silence by the most realistic television portrayal of breastfeeding I’ve ever seen – the difficulty of getting the baby to latch on, the consultant who lamely attempts to help, the exhaustion, the frustration, that ridiculous breastfeeding poncho.  It all came rushing back to me.  There could have been a chill in the air, but I might have shuddered in fear.  Anyways, kudos to The Office for demystifying the baby at the boob.  Here is part one and two for your viewing pleasure.

2)  INDICATION THE APOCALYPSE IS UPON US:  The Academy Awards.  Sandra Bullock.  WTF.  Did the  Academy collectively smoke pot before voting on this?  It’s like the Vatican electing Pee Wee Herman as Pope.  True, Bullock serves a purpose.  A purpose that involves Keanu Reeves and a speeding bus.  It’s also true that Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren basically cancel each other out in this awards category and that only leaves that unknown chic from that unknown film, the gal who should have won it from “Precious,” and SANDRA EFFING BULLOCK.  I am boycotting the Oscars next year and skipping straight to the Fashion Police.

3)  THE ECONOMIST or WHY I AM ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF GLOBAL ISSUES:  A while back, I blogged about my frustration with parents’ preference for having a little boy instead of a little girl.  Since then, I’ve read multiple articles about this issue, including one from whose link I wish I could find, as well as this week’s cover story in The Economist entitled “Gendercide.”  Apparently, people still don’t understand the value of the female.  The article didn’t touch on America, where it’s not openly identified as a problem, but in my opinion, the world is like a preschool.  It’s all about gender balance, my friends!  A planet peopled with Billys and Tommys will put the kibosh on evolution faster than you can say…uh, kibosh.

4)  THE ART FORM OF SNOT:  The Chalupa had a nice little chat with the pediatrician for his 18-month checkup.   By “chat,” I mean he screamed so long and so hard that snot bubbles were blowing from his little nose at a rate that made the pediatrician hand me the entire box of kleenex.  The good news is that his left ear is well on its way to an ear infection, but the even better news is that his motor skills and verbal development caused the dr to exclaim, “This is the most brilliant child I have ever seen in my entire career.”  Perhaps those weren’t her exact words but I’m positive that’s what she was thinking.  So despite the fact that antibiotics are probably in our future and that the Chalupa’s teething / cold has prevented him from eating in a week, it was actually a successful visit.  The kid is doing great.  Is everyone noticing how positive I’m being?  My attention to the big picture?  Thank you.  That was not easy.

5)   BLOGERAZZI:  I have officially become someone who stalks other people’s blogs.  It was only a year ago that I said the word “blog” with a sneer of disdain.  Blogs were like burps – obnoxious and unnecessary, and yet here I am, reading about the lives of strangers, laughing about their hilarious mishaps and commiserating with their complaints.  As it turns out, blogs are FUN.  Blogs are bloggariffic!  I am in blog with blogs.  Me and blog, sittin’ in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.  Will you accept my apology, blogs?  I’m sorry for being so rude, but now that you are in my life, I feel complete.  Point being that amidst the crapload of crap in the blogosphere, there’s some really good stuff:

  •  Over at Cry It Out: Memoirs of a Stay At Home Dad, Mike tries his hand at being a good Samaritan with hilarious results.  In relation to my last post, I like reading about the failed philanthropic attempts of others.
  • How would you like to get cash for that old appliance you’re getting rid of?  Stay At Home Mom CFO is always full of helpful advice to keep your budget from ballooning.
  • Offensive alert!  Please don’t read if you have delicate sensibilities.  This blog was forwarded to me by a friend.  Hilarious and accurate.  We as parents are SO annoying about our children.  That being said, my action of forwarding the Chalupa’s ultrasound photo to every man, woman and child I knew was entirely justified.
  • Any post about being Canadian during the Olympics deserves a mention.  Love the lesson of teaching your children the importance of beer drinking.  Thanks, Bub & Pie!

So there you have it. 

The pu-pu platter of fried, MSG-filled deliciousness.

Dude, use your napkin.

3 thoughts on “The Pu-Pu Platter

  1. I dare not leave a comment for fear that we will be be seen as related but if I were to leave a comment I would ask you to consider doing a whole post about the Oscars. And please use the word “boring” a lot.

    • Dear Jon,
      Not that I am acquainted with you in the slightest, but you’re right. The Oscars are ripe for the picking. Unfortunately, I only saw the last hour of the bloated beast, so a post dedicated to it might not be in the future. I did however DVR the red carpet, so perhaps I could milk this thing further…

  2. Great pick me up to start my day! Giving true meaning & humor to the impossible mix of experience as you meet it on a daily basis! Waiting for your take on foreign policy.

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