Mouthing Off

When I was ten, it got me a mouthful of soap for saying “turd.”

When I was in college, it got me labeled “funny girl playing the part of the girlfriend.”

And just the other week, it garnered the hatred of the high school kid who stole my table at Starbucks.

But sometimes…just sometimes…it pays to be mouthy.

After having pitched a tent in Wendi’s yard and threatened to go to the PTA regarding her tweets about the PTA, I have been invited – nay, BEGGED! – to do a guest post at The Mouthy Housewives, the humor-advice brainchild of Wendi Aarons, Heather Hitchcock, Kelcey Kintner, and Marinka.

I couldn’t be prouder if the Chalupa started changing his own diapers.

Unless he decided to self-potty-train.

Now I need every single one of you to bring your Trapper Keeper here and leave a comment weighing in on the incendiary public school vs. private school debate.  No cell phones, gum chewing or shorts above the ass-crack.

And Wendi, don’t worry.

The WikiTweets file will never be leaked.

9 thoughts on “Mouthing Off

  1. Oh, Tarja you SO belong over there! I can’t wait to read it…and I’m pretty glad that none of the PTA moms at my school follow me on Twitter. At least I don’t think they do. Oh crap, maybe they do…

  2. I went to Catholic school, grades 1-5. I learned the schoolboy trip on Joe Resveloso, who was not pleased, lost Billy Bader’s St. Christopher medal, had my Hopalong Cassidy cowboy hat thrown into a washing machine by the Carter twins, had to fight that jerk, Stanley Love (!) for the hand of Dolores Gray, who didn’t even know about my sincere love, got punished by a nun for snoring in the back of church while the Catholic kids confessed, rotted my teeth on a series of giant sugar daddies, was put out by a nun’s non-explanation about why a guardian angel saved a little shepherd in the book but where was the guardian angel for a neighbor kid who was killed in a car wreck, why does Jesus look like Erroll Flynn, and, well, enough already. Man, Catholic school was hard. Getting to public school was a huge relief.

  3. My entire reason for sending my kids to public school has just four letters – FREE. That’s it. I guess it is not REALLY free since we do pay taxes, but you get the idea. Anyway, love the Trapper Keeper comment. Man I loved mine!

  4. My kids’s go to Parochial school. I like the whole “knowing everybody AND their parents”. Its like a cycle of fear and shame that keeps every child in line. Seriously, kids don’t act out AT ALL bc everybody knows their Mamma!! That, plus, I like the God thing too. All good.

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