How To Guest Post At Marinka’s

When I first started blogging, Ann Imig gave me a short list of blogs that were essential to read (don’t worry, yours was one of them).  And so was Marinka’s blog, Motherhood In NYC.

Which is when the stalking officially began.

It started off so innocently…

A series of desperate comments –

Forty daily click-throughs from my site to hers –

And then things got…how shall we say?…complicated.

On the advice of Yuliya from She Suggests, I pretended to be both Russian and Jewish.

On the advice of Alexandra from Good Day, Regular People, I invented an elaborate story of immigration.

I started commenting under the name “The Flying Chalinka.”

I bought Marinka an annual subscription to US Weekly – but under the “Stars: They’re Just Like Us!” section, I cut and pasted her avatar over everyone’s face.  She looked so dang cute putting sunscreen on Kingston.

But I think what really got her attention was when I paid Brad Womack from “The Bachelor” an undisclosed sum of money to clean her bathrooms shirtless and then take her rappelling off the Flatiron Building at dusk.  (You’re welcome, my friend.)

These tactics worked surprisingly well for me – and I’m confident they’ll work for you too!

In the meantime, please visit me HERE at Motherhood In NYC where I’m honored to be conducting a financial education seminar.

PS – Marinka?  The upstairs neighbor cooking fish the other night?  Don’t be scared.  That was me.  I’m sorry.

PPS – Try Febreeze.

21 thoughts on “How To Guest Post At Marinka’s

  1. What else did Yuliya from She Suggests say? She said DON’T BE FUNNIER THAN HER BECAUSE SHE WILL SHANK YOU.

    Sleep with one eye open Chalinka, I’m watching you.

  2. Watch out for that Yuliya person…she’s a live wire! And what lengths you’ve gone to just to have Marinka notice you, Chalinka. I’m impressed!

    Heading over there now…and why is she not on MY reader? Have to change that.

  3. So glad to know I’m not the only stalker. If you like I can bring coffee on the next stakeout – or is that stalkout? And, I always forget my night vision goggles so if you have an extra pair that would be great. Thanks!

  4. btw…i also stalk…but in person.

    there’s a famous author who lives one town away. she kills me, she is so funny. i figured out her address and drove by. twice. the first time the ups truck behind me beeped because i was driving by her house very slow and i guess he needed to get somewhere faster. and the other time my kids were in the backseat. yeah, my kids totally knew i was stalking her, because i told them (see, i had enlisted them as lookouts).

    problem is, i have no idea what i would do if she actually was outside when i drove by. so maybe, you can help me come up with a better stalking plan. one that preferably involves less than..say…$5.

  5. You have stepped into the ethereal “nuther-world.”

    Do our voices sound distant and muffled to you?

    Enjoy the new surreal existence, that is that, of being Marinka’d.

    It’s official.


  6. Finally organizing my subscriptions, only to realize I’m not getting e-mails when you post. The horror! And the pissedness.

    Forgive me.

    Off to check out the link…

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