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Kung Fu Splinter Removal

Crouching Toddler, Hidden Splinter Starring! The Chalupa as Toddler (dubbed voice-over by Macaulay Culkin) The Father as Master (dubbed voice-over by Corey Feldman) Setting! Grand, melodramatic music... A thatched-roof hut somewhere in Japan (NOT a suburban two-story with an SUV in the driveway)...

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The Emasculation of Mr. Seahorse

When Mr. Seahorse was interviewed by Eric Carl for his famous children's book aptly titled Mr. Seahorse, he put on a Caldecott-award-winning performance: Watch as I lovingly carry my babies through gentle currents! Look!  I've scheduled play dates with Mr. Stickleback and Mr. Tilapia! I'm raising 1,500 beautiful, scaly children! But once the ...

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